Monday, 11 August 2008

NEW Brochure Website for New Start up Business

NEW Brochure Website for New Start up Business

No Doubt about it. In today's electronic world, everyone expect every legitimate business to have a website, even if it’s a simple page giving out contact details.
Once your business establishes a professional online presence, it will add a tremendous amount of credibility to the company's image. Not only you will have a website, but you will have a professional email address like your name @ rather then a free email account.

If this is your company's focus right now, our brochure website design package may be the perfect solution for your business! This style of website generally contains the same type of information that you might find in a company brochure
Brochure Websites Design Package

Brochure Websites
• 1- 3 Basic Pages
• Domain name -
• 3 Email account -
• 3 graphics presentation per page.
• FREE web and email hosting for one year
• Your text (500 words) describing your company and your contact details.
• Optimised coding for fast site access
• Basic Search Engine Submission and Optimization
• Website, Web Server, Email and Domain name setup and configuration
• Brochure Websites Pricing Starting As Low As £75 Or go for a site builder package for only £47.00 a year

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