Sunday, 23 November 2008

Immediate Benefits from a First Website

Immediate Benefits from a First Website

You’ll move up the value chain:

• You’ll get your own domain name and email addresses i.e.
• Customers will find you on the internet.
• You’ll be able to showcase examples of your work to millions.
• You’ll benefit from reduced marketing, support and communication costs.
• You’ll make money selling and taking orders through your website.

Asset or liability, can you afford not to:

• If you don’t, who will your customers find when they search online?
• Window cleaner – I’ll show you when I’ll be in your area... Online.
• Plumber – You can request a quote via the internet / email.
• Greengrocer – Special offers to promote seasonal produce.
• Small hotel – email or online booking with pictures and directions.

Cost savings:

• Do you print brochures for your business?
An online brochure will save time and printing costs.
• Do you waste time answering recurring questions about your company?
If so, you should consider putting that information online.
• Do you sell products / services?
The web will dramatically reduce the costs of expanding in to new markets.

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