Thursday, 29 January 2009

Pages to have on Website.

On occasion we come across business that intend to have a web presence but are not sure where to start and what to include on their site? Here is a list of important information that can help you generate the contents of your website, and what to include to give your self and business a full web presence.

Before you start picture the site in your mined, imagine how you would like your site to look, and what message or business are your trying to portray through your site, as once your site is complete it can turn out to be a very powerful tool to dive your business and generate a revenue, as more and more people are starting to use the internet.
Okay let’s start, below is just an outline you may wish to include all of them or some of them in your site.

1. Home Page
You can call this front cover of the book, this is what your visitors will see when they first land at your site, and you have to make sure you capture their attention and make them want to surf the site and preferably bookmark the site for the future. I am a big believer that the home page should be simple, straight forward and cutting edge, it should have a nice out line, easy navigation, and brief text about your company, like the first paragraph or first few lines of your About us page. It also a good idea to have your contact details on your home page, like your Phone number or even an email address, that your clients can contact you straight away, as some visitors prefer to speak on the phone, or send an email rather then to search for the content that they are looking for. It also a good idea on the home page to have an area where customers/visitors can enter their email address to join your mailing list, this will help build up your database, which later on you may use to send news articles and promotions.

2. About Us
This is one of the most important pages on your site, as this will inform your customer exactly what you do, how you started, and information about your company or your self. This is also one of the easiest pages to enter text on, as all you need to do is talk about your business or your selves, which no one else can do better then you.
Its also a good idea to have your opening hours on this page to if you have a store or an office where visitors can come see you or contact you over the phone. Some websites have small picture of the office or your organization.
You may also write about your purpose and objective here, what you are trying to achieve, what your plans are, some companies also have their history on this page how they started and where they began. You may also want to include your recently completed projects and, it is also useful to include details of trade associations you belong to and any awards that you may have won.
The design of this page should be easy for your visitors to view and read.

3. Products / Services
It’s a good idea to have all of your services on separate page, if you have a few you may want to include them as a drop down menu in your navigation bar under the heading services.
Each service can have their own page, which should include a brief description of the service or product, its also recommended to have a picture of the product that you are promoting. So your viewers can see exactly what you are offering, you may also want to link your shopping basket here if you are having an eComerce site, so your visitors can order while viewing your products / services.

4. Frequently Asked Questions
This is a fantastic page to have on any website, it will save you answering calls and emails to some basic questions related to your service/products, if you put them all onto your site, and your visitors can view and read the questions in their own time. This has proven to be a great time saver for many companies.

5. Contact Us
This a great page where you can list all of your contact numbers, email address, physical address, and fax numbers, maybe even a map of your location, you might want to implement a Google map, so your visitors can also get driving directions to your office.
Although you have a separate page with your contact details, it is also a good idea to have your contact number and maybe email address on most of your pages visible, so your visitors can reach you when needed. Some sites have their email address in the top design banner, or at time in the footer.

6. Blog
By having a blog for your site you will increase your web presence. A blog is a journal that is available on the web. You can update this as you like on a daily, weekly or when ever you prefer, with this tool every time you put something on your blog, it increases the amount of web pages you have, in no time you will have plenty of useful information on your blog that your readers can read, leave comments and inartact.

1. Communicating with your customers. Blogs provide a way for you to communicate with your customers directly. And it is a two-way communication. You can post a message on your blog and your visitors can easily respond.
2 Search Engine Marketing Blogs give you an increased presence on search engines, like Yahoo! and Google. If you use Blogger (Google’s Blogging Tool), every message you post creates a new page on Google so in a very short time you could have lots of pages pointing to your website
3. Stay Ahead of Your Competition Blogs are relatively new and chances are your competition does not yet use them. So you will be seen as an expert in your industry when you post your knowledge and expertise.

7. On-line store
One of the most powerful tools on a website, by having an online store this ensure that your business is open 24/7 each day of the year, and its not only a local business, your market could potently be the whole world, anyone anywhere in the world can go onto your site and purchase your product/service.
Things to take into consideration
• Make sure that when visitors arrive at your store the navigational mechanisms are simple and effective
• The actual process of placing the order must be simple
• Make sure you accept common and convenient methods of payment

8. Testimonials
By including a testimonial page, and getting your customers to leave their feedback will build credibility between yourself and visitors, by having good feedback, your clients can read and see what experience others have had. If you are selling a service or a product i would recommend in having this page. This will defiantly help you to generate more revenue.

9. Survey
Find out what customers and visitors think of your product, site, or service, get some constructive feedback on your site, which can help you to improve it.

10. Photo Gallery
Even if you do not wish to sell your products on-line, you may wish to showcase your goods or services in a special photo gallery - show how your products or services are being used by your customers. They say “pictures speak a thousand words” and on your website it is particularly important.
Don’t give your customers a reason to visit your competitor’s website and provide them with all the information they may possibly need or want.

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