Tuesday, 13 January 2009

These top 10 SEO tips are tested and proven by me...

1. Make titles of every blog post unique. 
2. Use noindex and nofollow tags to disallow crawling of tag pages and duplicated entries. 
3. Make excerpt of your blog posts and try to link them from your homepage. 
4. Remove unnecessary and irrelevant links from your blog. 
5. Blog and start commenting consistently during this time. 
6. Create a good XML sitemap for your blog and submit it to google. 
7. Write a superb blog post taking into consideration the SEO factor with the aim of getting more and more back links. 
8. Create back link to every possible posts from a relevant keyword. 
9. Find broken links and resolve them using webmaster tools 
10. Try to get some one-way incoming links. I would suggest you to write some articles and submit article directories for the purpose.

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