Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We normally get access on numerous occasion about SEO, and many times customers are under the impression once they have a website its automatically going to come up on the first page of Google and other search engines...which i wish was the case but clearly its not as easy as that. I would say the design and development of the a site is the first step of getting your presence known to the world. Once that is completed and your happy with it, you need to get visitors onto your site, and let the world know about your fanatic new site and what you have to offer. this is where Search Engine Optimization comes in place.

Its like having a brand new shop, but not letting anyone know about it, you will only get visits and sales if you let others know that you have a shop and people can come in and view items and make purchases... it no different to a website.

Optimizing your site or your blog for organic (naturally-occurring) searches has been around from the beginning of Internet marketing. Use a keyword research tool and create a listing of keywords applicable to your business. Don't forget to add things like "how to", "tips", or short descriptions of your target market's problems to your research. Then, take a look at your page titles, page descriptions, page headlines, and formatted text on a page (bolding, italicizing, underlining) and include your keywords in those areas, as well as sprinkling 1-2 keywords throughout the content of your page. Make the SEO appear to be natural, not forced, and the search engines as well as your visitors will love you.

This is where we can promote your site and Drive the traffic your site needs.

Have a look at our hand made packages to optimize your site fully to give you the web presence you need.

so these are the steps to a full web presence.

1. Design and development - Phase One

2. SEO (search engine optimization - phase two

3. Watch your web traffic grow and enjoy the fruits of your site

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