Saturday, 25 April 2009

How a Website can benifit in the recession

As we go through the recession more and more business, shops, enterprises are cutting costs and also in some instance closing down.   On the other hand online spending saw a 17% increase in 2008 despite the economy turn down, and this trend is continuing through 2009. As you saw in todays news Amzaon online retailers sales increased by a qaurter. Buesiness

Clearly business are taking advantage of the intrenet, and im sure more and more business can benifit by having a web presence, and effectvley using the internet as a marketing tool, be it via searh engineines, blogs, soclail networks, it all gives business a low cost effective means of driving in more sales, and building up the revenue.  By using your website you can stay in touch with your customers regularly, have a direct dialog with them, and build a long term relationship.

As recession is all about cutting costs, the web helps companies be much more cost effective, selling products and services to clients, advertising and conducting PR, and marketing.

Overall the internet has now become a necessity even in the recession, and having a website with a good business domain is like having a gold phone number.

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