Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Life without the internet :(


Life without the internet wouldn’t be the same, in both our personal lives and our business, the internet now has becomes a necessity jus like Electric, water and gas. Internet with facebook, twitter and other networking sites, and business without websites, and other web applications, & emails life would be a bit dull and at time difficult.

Life without the internet is not only a scary thought for some but for many it’s unbelievable. Have a website and a good domain name these days is just as important as having a gold telephone number. When setting up a business one the things in the checklist right at the top is setting up your website. As this can be very cost effective way of marketing your products and services.

Many businesses rely on the internet to boost their profile and revenue streams (74%), but is there any room in the open market for a company without a website? And if so do how they compete with their online rivals?

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