Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ready to Launch your website..

Nearly everyone judges your business by your website, they will view your website to look for products and services you provide, they will view your site for more information, your contact details, or just to even have a peep around at what you unto. If the impression of your website is good, and you can attract your visitors to view and read on within the first couple of seconds, then you could potently have that person going ahead and purchasing something from your business or even coming back at a later stage.

So it's especially important for start-up business to have all the basics covered on launch day of their website. We at Alrayes make sure before your site goes live, its perfect according to your requirements and in a full functional order.

Below is a preview of some of items we check against.

Contact information: This seems simple, but missing or incomplete contact information is frustrating to customers and can hurt your business. At the minimum, have a contact form or e-mail available on your "Contact Us" page.

· Consistent design: There are a lot of elements that go into an appealing site design: your logo on every page, navigation in the same place and colors that fit your message. Be sure to keep it consistent from page to page

· Search: A search box is especially important for larger sites and e-commerce sites, but it's a good idea for any site. Make it easy for your customers to find the products or information they're looking for.

· Updates: Whether it's a blog, a community forum, or coupons, give your visitors a reason to come back. Make a habit of making updates.

· Analytics: What if you built a website and nobody came? Website analytics can tell you how many visitors you have, where they're coming from and on what pages they spend the most time..

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