Wednesday, 6 May 2009

What's Your Domain Name?

One of the most important part of your website is the name and the address of your domain name, this can be the make and brake of your site, if you have a nice catchy easy to remember domain name, your customers will remember your site, its simple as that.

Shorter and easier domain names are easy to remember for you customers, so when registering and choosing a domain name try to keep it simple straight forward and linked to what your company or your website is promoting. Your domain name will also be part of your email address, ensuring you have an easy to remember domain name, you will also have an easy email address to give out to your clients, and have on your business cards.

To ensure greater online visibility it can be a good idea to register a number of different extensions to your domain, as wel


l as register domains that are very similar in appearance to your domain. For example you can have,, all these domain names just have one website, so similarly you can have one main website and register as many domains you like all pointing to that one site, this will increase your visib

ility and in some cases also credibility,

There are many domains being registered on a daily bases, but one thing to remember is if you get the domain name right for your organisation, this will have a huge impact on the traffic you would be receiving.

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