Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Keep Your Customers Happy - Things Will be Okay

Keeping customers happy should be a priority, both on- and offline, especially as 88% of customers expect the same level of service via the web as in shops. Graham Charlton, from online marketing and ecommerce consultants, E-consultancy, gives five ways to make sure customers have a positive online experience.
1. A searchable FAQs section will enable customers to get answers quickly and relieve pressure on customer service staff. For queries not covered on the site, provide a customer service phone number and email alternative.
2. Acknowledge receipt of customer emails. A personal response reassures customers that someone is directly answering their question and avoids frustration.
3. Mistakes happen, but it’s important to deal with them well and exceed customers’ expectations. For example, if you fail to deliver an item, offer it at a discount or waive the delivery charge.
4. Providing accurate detailed information of delivery costs and times, as well as general product information, can avoid the need for customers to call or email.
5. The average customer interaction by phone is estimated to cost 20-40 times more than a web self-service interaction,
an investment that can pay off for retailers.

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