Sunday, 28 June 2009

Ways to promote your Website online & Offline

Once your website is complete, there are many ways you can promote your website to drive traffic to your site.

Lets start with offline Promotion.

1. first of all make sure your website url is on all your letter heads, business cards, email signatures, basically where ever you have your company name, make sure your url is there too. If your company does promotion items and free give away like calendars, mugs, pens..etc again your URL needs to be on it, if your employees wear uniform, you can have your url on their uniform, which works quite well as a walking talking advert.

2. Be sure to have your link on all press releases and media.

3. Enter your URL into directories, such as Yellow Pages.

4. If you have company vehicles, trucks, vans, cars, busses..etc insure your URL is on all of your vehicles.

Online Promotion

1. Start your search engine submission process so you can get the best presence possible.

2. You can kick start your presence and drive traffic, by using Google Adwords and other features where you pay search engines to be listed on certain keywords.

3. Send our newsletters to registered users for them to keep update with promotions and new products.

4. Create your own link exchange page, asking other sites to exchange links with you.

5. Get active online with blogs, forums and other discussion bords.

6. Use networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space to promote your site.

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