Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Where's My Site in Search Engines

You have just launched your fantastic new site, which you have got designed and developed. Now your just stilting back waiting for visitors to flood in and see your sales rocket….but it not happening, you check on Google and search engines but cant see your site on the first couple of pages. Disappointed are you. Your designer or your hosts are not to blame.

Yup nothing will happen unless you let people know that there is a site to visit, same way like you open a shop, restaurant...etc if no one knows about it no one would turn up. But this is all okay, your site is very new. Getting listed on search engines can take time. There are millions of websites being setup every day. To find your site in the first instance is like searching for a pin in a stack of hay. Search engines scan sites on a daily basses, but there is only so much they can do in a day, that’s also one of the reasons why it may take awhile to locate your new site.

Let the Search Engines know that you do exist.

It can take years for you to wait around trying to get search engines to find you naturally, best thing for you to do is work with them, and let tem know that you exists.. so the big question…HOW

1. Submit your site

Tell Google and the other search engines that you’re there! Look for the “Submit Your Site” links on their sites and follow the instructions. Go to and list your site there. Though these aren’t guaranteed ways to get listed, they’re free, they only take a few minutes and every little bit helps.

2. Make sure your site’s not an island

Search engines follow links to navigate around the Internet. If your site is not linked to other sites, you’ve greatly reduced the chance that a search engine will find it naturally. Make sure that other sites, business directories, article libraries, your clients, link to yours and you’ll get found more quickly.

3. Break down and pay

Some engines, such as Yahoo, also have paid inclusion plans. For a fee, they’ll visit your site immediately and list you promptly. If your business is a storefront, for example, depends on attracting visitors, you’ll want to pay for a listing.

4. Establish your presence with a blog

The search engines love, love, love blogs. Blogs give them exactly what they want, which is new text-based information. If you start a blog that also links to your site, you’ll be more likely to lead the search engines right to you.

If you take even 2 or 3 of these actions, you’ll decrease the time it takes for the search engines to find you. And visitors will rush to your site, just like you wanted!

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