Monday, 22 June 2009

Why Should I Buy Online

People that purchase online are the same people that purchase offline, by shopping online they might just be more cautious with how they spend their money, due to security and privacy reasons, but for the most part they care about the same things, foremost among them being value. The following five factors that influence buying decisions are important considerations if you expect to close
the sale on your website.
Online market is more aware and educated now then they were couple of years ago, more and more people are buying online, and you want to make sure your business is at the for front of the online sales. If you expect to close the sale on your website then you need to consider the following factors before you ever ask for the sale:

Online buyers are more concerned about internet security, online fraud, and the threat of the details being reused. You need to convince your visitors on your site that your website is secure, you need to ensure you use reliable merchant accounts, such as Paypal, world pay..etc. You could also have an SSL certificate. If your visitor is not satisfied with your security on your line, they will not buy from you. Security is one of the most important concerns for online consumers, especially today.

Online users and buyers are now very reluctant to give out their personal information, even their email address, as we all know the amount of spam we get in our inbox each morning. When building your brand and site you need to ensure your visitors can trust your orgnisation to handle their details. You need to give them assurance that you will not sell it to third party companies and pollute their inbox with spam emails. Regard for privacy online has been growing for the past couple of years. Some European countries have sued Google over privacy issues and Yahoo! announced last December that it will not store search information on searchers beyond 90 days. Privacy is important to online consumers. Having a well thought out and clear privacy policy on your website will go a long way to building trust and confidence in your business.

Value for money
What are you offering online that your visitor cant get from their town center, is it discount, is it extra products, when selling online you need to capture your visitors when they come to your site,
You can do this in your design, in your writing and also mainly in your products and services that you offering online. You can have monthly, weekly, seasonal offers to attract customers and drive sales. Most of your visitors want just bump into your site, they are on your site because they are looking for something that you may provide, and you need to show that to your customers within the first 15-30 seconds. Thats why many e-commerce site have featured products, sales, adverts on their landing page, to grab attention of their visitors.

Everyone buys different products for different reasons, and if you can gain that trust of your visitor from your site, your site will do well. Its all about the image and the way you comfort your visitors.

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