Monday, 13 July 2009

Online Payment Options

If you are going to be selling online you will need to think how your customers will be paying you. If you are going to be taking payments online you need to ensure as a business you choose the right merchant account and payment gateway.

Many Business go online to sell products to grow their business, and customers do online shopping as away of inconvenience, in order to put both of these together you will need an merchant account that enables you to accept card payments online.  Most of you will be thinking PayPal, which is great stating point as its a free service, and you can start taking online payments straightway, and also there are no annual commitments.

With PayPal their are many benefits to your customers, as they will be able to make secure payments whetter or not they are PayPal members, and also puts ease to your customers as PayPal is a world wide known brand.

Besides PayPal there are many other merchant accounts and payment gateway that you could consider for your online business. Alrayes Web Solutions have also paired up with leading online merchant accounts to offer our customers the best services and to take online payments online securely.

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