Saturday, 30 January 2010

7 Steps to Ranking Success

7 Step Action Plan for Top Ranking

  1. Make sure you decide on one keyword/search phrase per page. Yes its possible to rank any page for multiple keywords, But we suggest focus on one term and that will help you get there.

  2. Make sure you have your phrase in the title, it may be not an exact match, be creative. Your title is the advertisement in the search results. Make it descriptive and catchy so that humans want to click it. After all whats the use of ranking if no one is clicking on it.

  3. Use H1 tag i.e Headline tag for your content. Remember every page has a headline and there is no reason yours want have it. Make sure you have your targeted search term there. Also make sure it reflects your content and humans want to read it.

  4. The content should be for humans as they are the ones who will visit it. But make sure you have your targeted exact phrase and its variation in the content. The search engine has to know what the page is about.

  5. Very Important. Create links to your page using link text that contains variations of your pages and links within the text of your content.

  6. Now, get some external links to your pages that also use variations of your search phrases. This will help not only your rankings, but will also garner visitors from these other sites.

  7. Check the progress, Rinse and Repeat with newer pages.

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