Thursday, 14 January 2010

How Important Is SEO – Search Engine Optimization If Social Media Sites Are The New Search Engines?

The most debated topic of 2010 of the search industry  is the integration of social media and search.  It is even  mentioned in many of the authority sites that these social media sites like are emerging as the new search engines.

As people can  network with friends and colleagues and also search for information all in one place. If the trend on the web is changing then it becomes crucial for any company seeking optimum web presence to rework on their online marketing strategies. It is simple marketing logic that you need to display the message about your products and services where you will get the targeted audience. If your targeted audience is  on  Facebook and Twitter then your company surely needs a presence there.

There is a  difference between the searcher and the person  online on the social media site. A searcher is searching for some product or service and wants to know what is available globally and locally. People on the social media sites are interacting, discussing and networking with like-minded people to find answers to queries or to confirm certain results obtained as a result of search. So, it is ideal to  have  a  presence on the search engines and also have a company representative  on the social media sites.

The magnitude of presence needed  on the search engines and the social media sites will vary from company to company and every company needs to work out an online marketing strategy keeping in mind the nature of their products and services.

Presence on the search engines can be gained by getting a listing in the organic search results or through paid rankings. Organic Search Result rankings  are  obtained due to  proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done on  your website. Paid Rankings are achieved by paying to the search engines and having a listing under sponsored listings. Paid listings last till you are paying for them. Rankings achieved  as a result of good SEO done on your website last longer and bring comparatively more number of targeted visitors to your website.

To market via social media, a company representative needs to interact with your audience. Social media marketing won't work for you if you post ads and consider your job done. Users aren't interested in advertisements via most social media platforms. However, your target audience will probably be interested if you share news about your company and products, provide updates, allow others to interact (depending on the platform), and respond to questions and comments.

Hence, SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SMO – Social Media Optimization supplement each other and go hand in hand. Hire a good SEO company for your website and obtain high rankings for the relevant keywords and then have a good company representative on the social media sites to interact with your potential customers and build an online reputation.

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