Tuesday, 26 January 2010

How to Measure your SEO/SEM efforts?

So how are you measuring success of your website? Is it ranking? Is it traffic?

You are doing it wrong if you are measuring only traffic or search engine ranks.  The bottomline for your business is sales. For example, if your traffic/page views went up by 12% , but there was no change in sales figure, that traffic is absolute waste. All your SEO  money is of no use.

Take another example, let’s revisit your sites figures for last month. The unique visits have increased 13% over last month as a result of better ranking techniques that were used and achieved. Also, the returning visits went up 27% because of the autoresponder that was  installed and finally, your sales too showed an upward trend to move up by 12% on and above the previous month due to the combine effort of SEO and marketing plan.

I am sure you will want to be second example. So make sure you have high converting landing pages. Not only you are bringing in traffic, you are making sales out of it. So your SEO effort should be conversions, not ranking.

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