Friday, 22 January 2010

Personalized Search is Here

Personalized search by Google

Google announced that they would be serving personalized results even when users are not logged in, SEOs have started freaking out. This is because earlier nothing was consistent as results were different for people living in different places due to the different data centers.

What does personalized search mean?

google personalize search

It means google will save users  preference i.e the websites that they click on out of many SERPs and save it on your PC as a cookie. So practically it means I may see different results than you depending on our preferences. This change does make sense as we are moving towards Web 3.0

In reality, this should not concerned SEOs as nothing has changed. The SEO still the same, you still have to optimize your pages, you still have to build links. Instead of rankings alone, which fluctuate often, one should concentrate on time on the page, click through rates, and also the conversion rate. Therefore, ensure an easy process for those coming to your web  page.

Everyone should remember, Google does not ask you to pay for organic results. Nor does Google owe you anything. And they have no responsibility to webmasters or SEOs. So stop whining, and get on to work. Your SEO efforts will still be same, if your page shows up in top 5 results,  just make sure users click on it by using attractive title and meta description.

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