Friday, 26 February 2010

Can HTML5 rule the website creation and beat Flash?

It takes enormous amount of time to study an amazing thing like Flash. It may take years for mastering the art. But with the birth of HTML5, there are questions arising whether  HTML5 has the capability of replacing Flash? One thing is very sure that unless Microsoft IE supports HTML5 fully, it can’t be a successful venture.

It seems as if the HTML5 is intended to kill Flash. But HTML5 has a long way to go to even get  fully loaded. In the intervening time Flash will revive itself much faster. Things are changing very fast and there is no hope for HTML to  exist in the cutting edge as a new Flash Player launches every 18 months. And with HTML, the life will become more and more miserable as because of the disintegration in the browser market.

It’s a very simple equation like one plus one is equal to two. The fact is that Flash advances faster than HTML. There is no way flash will ever be replaced not even by HTML5.

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