Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Designing Website: Keep this 4 things in Mind

Web designing is a very tedious task. It requires a perfect blend of both skill and creativity. To make your website different and attractive from your competitors you need to keep the following four things in consideration.

  1. Well laid objective: The objective of the site should be brought out well in the design of the website. Remember, a good building is laid only on the strong foundation so, it is better to start designing only once the layout is finalized. Discuss the details well and try and know what is that the client wants and what are the demands of the business. Accordingly, design the website. This way defining the features becomes all the more simplified.

  2. Keep the target audience in consideration: remember you are on the World Wide Web for a purpose. While designing your website, an important thing to be kept in consideration is the targeted audience. Make use of features which will be of their interest and use.

  3. Create wireframes:  Create the layout of a website without making the use of the design elements or colors. This helps you have a fair idea of how a website will look after it is completed. It gives you an opportunity to prioritize the parts of your project. Before the final touch is given, getting wireframes approved is an intelligent idea.

  4. Search Engine Optimization: this is the blood of a website. Without getting your website search engine optimized you should not think of making it big. This is a sure shot way of getting ranked by the popular search engines which is largely responsible for bring traffic and lead generation for the success of your business.

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