Thursday, 11 February 2010

Is Flash Ready for Iphone/Ipad?

Flash Is "All Set" For Iphone

Apple's  CEO, Steve Jobs was spotted purportedly quipping in a private company-wide employee town hall assembly that they weren't opting for Flash for their iPhone or iPad, as flash appears quite unsure, which is more so because of Adobe's lethargy.In response to this Adobe's CTO, Kevin Lynch, declared that Flash is "ready" for the iPhone and iPad.

He argued that absence of flash has made handsome number of contents on the web unavailable to the users of Apple. Several Users are astonished by the non-inclusion of Flash Player on a new thrilling device. Since 85% of the top web sites have Flash material and Flash runs on more than 98% of computers on the Web, it can be assumed that Flash is totally unavoidable. The majority chunk of casual games, video, and animation on the Web and well-known brands bank upon Flash to bring out the finest part of them, which further insures the most excellent experience of billion of its users.

Embracing of Flash by large number of leading players in the telecom industry utterly brings out the sham of apple’s allegation that flash is unfit for smart phones. It also demystify Apple’s claim that Flash is ill-equipped to go along with the incredible technology of Iphone.

Kelvin Lynch further divulged that Flash engineering team has come up with a leading revamp of the mainstream Flash Player for a multiplicity of devices. Infact Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones with the entire top producers like  Google’s Android, RIM’s Blackberry, Nokia, Palm Pre and many others except one, is about to be introduced in the market.

Finally Kelvin added that Adobe is ready to enable Flash in the browser on [Apple’s] devices, whenever Apple prefers to permit this for its users. However till date no such talks or collaboration has been initiated by Apple, hence for the time being he can’t see it happening in the near future atleast.
Lets hope something is materialized between the two companies and we get to see flash on Iphone and Ipad

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