Friday, 5 February 2010

Managing The Company Twitter Account And Using It As a Social Media Business Promotion Tool.  is  a social media  conversational platform which gives an opportunity to the participants to converse , connect , share news & views, happenings  etc.   Hence.  the rules of effective communication become applicable to  all the people,  corporate, celebrities  and journalists who  want to use it for business promotion,  brand building  .

The  tweets  from  a  corporate Twitter account  should be managed by some responsible person of the marketing or PR team . The tweets can discuss a problem related to the product, offer a solution, state the benefits of the products  or simply quote a saying denoting the company culture. But, they  will  generate  traffic  to your site only if they  have  links to your site and also other reference sites.

By using  Twitter scheduling tools (The two most popular ones are SocialOomph and Hootsuite.) you can create the tweets and schedule them  for being displayed after a few days or weeks.

Planning and scheduling is crucial and important to any marketing plan. Hence, By planning and scheduling the tweets you save time and you can be more focused on what you want to convey to the followers about your business.

When the tweets are planned you can focus on the keywords you would like to use. As using the relevant keywords in your tweets you can cater to a wide range of the company products and services. For example you plan for  5-6 tweets  a  day. You can focus on 5-6 keywords in the tweets which surely gives a wider reach than a haphazard statement written just for posting something.

No doubt too much of planning will take away the essence of real time conversation but total lack of planning  can take the conversation  off track . Hence a proper balance has to be maintained to benefit from this social media platform.

Last but not the least, managing the list of  whom you follow and the list of followers  you is also very important  as  this will make the reputation management websites to track the company reputation in the long run.

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