Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Principle Of Contrast In Web Design

Web design is the ultimate defining beauty of every webpage. It is the basic lay out of website, which attracts whole lot of attention, provided you pay due regard to “THE PRINCIPLE OF CONTRAST IN WEB DESIGN

It may be shallow to pay to much attention on manifestation then content but beauty is the passport to success. Inorder to emphasize further the importance of contrast imagine every element on webpage with similar styling, flow and appearance. It would look like pieces of trash .Thus make sure you follow the principle of contrast in order to sensitize the viewer’s senses.

Contrast can be attained by generating divergence in three features of design: color, size and alignment.

* Contrast in Color: Color is one thing which gets most of your attention and the prime reason is the kind of visual appeal it has. However principle of contrast is not limited to color. As we know all web designs have a header, a content area, and footer. All three are entirely distinct from each other and to highlight this contrast they must be painted with different backdrop colors.

* Contrast in Size: If you are not the sort of person who likes too much of shades: contrast in size is your alternative. You can accentuate the content at the same time you can keep it less vibrant.

* Contrast in Alignment: Right Alignment helps to achieve right quality of web design. Things look lot more sophisticated when they are suitably and orderly arranged. Although alignment usage is lot trickier in contrast to above two. Considering that the right alignment has to be attained, so that it works effectively is lot more challenging as it appears.

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