Friday, 19 February 2010

Top 10 Magento Ecommerce Plugins

Magento is revolutionary ecommerce platform.  There are many open source frameworks to create your ecommerce websites, but Magento by far is the best. For a developer it takes time to understand, but once you know how structure and framework works, Magento can be fun to work with.

After you have installed Magento, customized the theme for your business, you need to configure/install some plugins. Here are top 10 recommended Plugins

1) Fooman Google Analytics Plus tracks every individual page and track actual typed keywords by your user. Its important to track your visitors

2) Canonical URLs for Magento adds the canonical links to Magento pages. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have come out with new tag to resolve canonical issue and thats what this Plugin takes care of .

3) Auto CrossSell Products automates product cross sell maintenance. When  customer checks out, all the products chosen are linked as cross sell products. One of the must have plugins if you have lot of related products.

4)  Lazzymonks Twitter displays Twitter updates and allows tweeting from the admin.

5) J2T Points & Rewards allows to the customer do gather points on products they are buying. The great way to retain your customers and have them coming again and again.

6) With  Checkout Newsletter you can send newsletter to your customers about new products, discounts, special deals etc.

7) MostViewed module automatically shows  list of your store’s most viewed products and displays it at the homepage in the customer area.

8) Advanced Sitemap gives you list of your products and creates sitemap that you can submit to Google.

9)  Magento EasyLightbox displays the images of your products as a lightbox. If you love lightboxes this one is for you.

10) Fontis SecurePay payment module process payments through SecureXML gateway, very important to make your website secure


  1. M2E Pro – eBay Magento Integration Extension also can be useful

  2. Another good integration hopefully for the future would be facebook connect.

  3. you shoud check out Lightspeed Module at
    It reduces page load times to as low as .1 to .5 seond and increases transaction rates by 10-100x over default Magento settings.

    Thanks for the list!
    It seems that Magento is the WordPress of shopping cart software. :-)
    We developed a Magento plugin that allows each buyer to become an affiliate with their Twitter and Facebook account. We’re still in Beta with it. We call it Market Share Button

  5. I have already used most of the Magento Ecommerce Plugins described above. And having a good experience with them. Thanks a lot for this useful stuff.

  6. In my opinion we should not forget about another weak point of Magento, it is the site search. Without extensions improving the search, users will find nothing on your site. I would recommend Advanced Sphinx Extension Pro, Search Spell-Correction.