Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Use Googlebase with your adwords Ad

If you are a Google Merchant and use Google Adwords, you should consider combining the two.

Most e-commerce website owners have been using Google Base. What exactly is google base. Its a place where google shows products and comparative pricing.  If you have e-commerce store, you should open the Google Base account, its free.

I hope that you are using Google Adwords along with SEO for your business. Good news is that Google has combined Google Base and Google Adwords. If your customer sees product image and pricing with your google ads, they will surely click and buy. This makes sure you are getting right kind of traffic, i.e people those are interested in buying. Follow this steps to combine Google Merchant account i.e Google Base with your Google Adwords.

1) Open the Google Base account

2) Create a feed and submit it to the google. Make sure you have relevant description for each product

3) Go to your Googlebase account and click on adwords, put your Google Adwords Customer Id XXX-XXX-XXXX

4) Now go to Google Adwords account and go to the campaign that you want to link with Googlebase products.  you'll need to create a Product Extension within the Campaign Settings section of your AdWords account and link it to your Google Merchant Center account.

5) Now after your feed is processed by Google, you will start seeing + sign within your ads.

So don't wait, link your google merchant account with Google Adwords.

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