Sunday, 28 March 2010

5 must haves for your ecommerce store

Do you have an ecommerce store? You may have used open source frameworks or hired professional programmers to customized your store. Besides great design, structure you need following items

1) Newsletter

Go to any big online store and you will definately see newsletter being used effectively. It may seem overwhelming to regularly write newsletters and engage your customers. But if you understand the value it brings to your store, you would be amazed how easy it is. There are online tools/websites where you can create newsletter in advance and it will automatically sent to your customers/visitors.

Newsletter will help you get better conversions. Some visitors will sign up for your newsletter to get you best deals/coupons regularly in their emails.

2) Online Help

If you have new store and you are yet to become brand name, it is advisable to use Live Help software on your website. This will help you increase sales and you can even offer discounts through one on one chats with the customer who is on the edge or has questions. Just try it, its not that expensive,.

3) Hacker Safe Logos

It seems trivial but many visitors/buyers are not comfortable making purchases on unreliable websites. If they see Hacker Safe Logos they are convinced that their credentials are safe with you.

4) Simple Registration Forms

Customers are lazy in general and if they see that you have big and lengthy forms, they would not even try to register on your website and go away forever. Review your registration system and see if its simple.

5) Site Search

There may be times when users or potential customers cannot find particular item on your store. If you have a site search option, they can easily search for whatever they are looking for. Its must have for any ecommerce website.

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