Sunday, 14 March 2010

Planning to post videos on your website?

Today, having videos and images are very crucial to get conversions and sales to your websites.

If you are using shared hosting, you will run out of the bandwidth and they will suspend your account. You can use video sharing web sites like youtube, or vimeo, but they would not like it if its for commercial use. For commercial use you are better off using hosting services.

Out of all the possible solutions, Amazon S3 is the best available, its cheap and its simple to manage.

In Amazon  S3, there’s no initial charges, zero setup cost. You only pay for what you utilize. It is utmost suitable for webmasters and bloggers, it has following advantages over any other hosting service out there.

  • Bandwidth limitation:-With Amazon S3 you have unlimited bandwidth and you pay what you use and what more the prices are very very cheap.

  • Better scalability:- Amazon S3 using  cloud hosting and image serving is relatively fast.

  • Store/bakcup  files online:- Instead of backing up your files on DVDs or external Hard disk  to save more hard disk space,  Store them online, and you have the option to keep them private or make them public accessible. It’s entire up to you. Again you pay for what you use.

  • Easier files retrieval and sharing:- If you store your files online, you can access them anywhere as long as there’s Internet connection.

  • Web API: Amazon provides great API where you create your own online tools using Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 is has great features and if you are serious about saving money on bandwidth, start using it. If you need any technical help do let us know, we can help you.

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