Monday, 8 March 2010

SEO tidbits from SMX West Conference

Some random tidbits from SMX West Conference

  • Have atleast one blog on your business website

  • If you have pagination for some of your categories, make sure you have unique title on each page, else search engines won't index them. Before that decide if you really want to index all.

  • Write your blog posts for your audience, don't get caught up on SEO with your blog posts

  • Verify your site with Bing’s Webmaster Tools. It may do you some favor in the rankings just by having your site registered with them.

  • Let your .js files crawl, they may help Bots pick up new pages

  • Use Social Networking Sites to connect with your customers/audience.

  • Google Caffeine is not yet fully used by Google.

  • Review your Redirects regularl if you are using them.

  • Check frequently for broken/rotten links.

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