Friday, 16 April 2010

10 common mistakes you can make on your ecommerce store

Here are the list of 10 mistakes that you can make on your ecommerce store. and that can cost your conversions and sales.

  1. More text than the images on your home page. Remember you should have relevant images that will attract the visitor to stay on your website.

  2. You don't include a Toll Free number on your site, or you've buried your number too far down the page.

  3. Your opt-in message is too generic like "Sign Up" instead of having an clear incentive or action message.

  4. Your Add to Cart button blends with your site instead of making it stand out.

  5. You do not highlight your USP on the home page.

  6. You do not have Hacker Safe message on your website

  7. Use of generic order confirmation emails where you don't have contact information and links to Return Policy etc.

  8. Use of multi page checkout is big No. Make your checkout process as simple as possible.

  9. Use of Elegant or Pretty Fonts that are hard to read. Avoid that instead use Simple styled fonts.

  10. Lack of implementation in Cross Selling and Up selling.

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