Saturday, 24 April 2010

Factors to be considered when you go online or decide to have a web presence for your business

No one today can underestimate the importance of having a website. Is highly essential to have an online web presence for your business small or big .

So, if you have a website or are planning to get one developed or revamp the existing one – the most important question is :

What are the factors to keep in mind when you go online or decide to have a web presence for your business?

The four main factors are:

1) Content Development :

“CONTENT IS KING” any website can be successful on the net only if it is having unique, informative and original content.

Hence, this has to be given the utmost importance by giving information about your company, products and services in the most simple way on the website. It is not necessary to have doctorate level language but it should be simple and easy to understand to all.

The products and the infra-structure of the company should be displayed on the website by using images which are actual photographs taken of the product and the office or the workshop place of your company so the genuine picture of the company is put forward and you do not have any copyright issues with images.

As only original content will ensure rankings for your website on the search engines which will last for a long time after the SEO of your website is done ethically and according to the norms of the search engines .

Moreover, apart from being original the content on your website should be relevant , offer some benefit and also be organized so that the visitors get some value when they visit your website.

This ensures an enriching visitor experience which in return results in recommendations and links which every website needs.

2) Research Analysis

No marketing campaign is complete unless a thorough research is carried out for the various factors influencing your business or marketing decisions.

Firstly, a thorough research needs to be done about the targeted audience and the geographic location to be targeted. As more than the number of visitors to your website , the number of targeted visitors reaching your site after searching for the products and services that your company offers are the potential customers.

Secondly, for sure the competitor analysis just cannot be ruled out. Only after you know who your competitors are and where they stand the relevant strategies for marketing and business can be formulated.

3) Strategy Planning

Once the research has been done the strategies for how to get more targeted traffic has to be worked out. It is also essential to have a strategy to see that once the visitor visits your website his interest should be retained and he should visit more than just the landing page.

The website should be compelling enough not only to retain the interest of the visitor but also help him take a decision to buy what is offered on the website. This is especially applicable to an e-commerce site. If the products and prices are displayed properly and the process of buying online is user –friendly with the assurances given to the buyer that it is safe for them to use their credit-card on the site , then the conversion is more likely.

I am sure if these thing are kept in mind again your website gets recommendations . And we all know that word of mouth publicity is the best publicity.

4) Last but not the least , if all the above factors are taken care of , your website starts developing a brand image of itself online.

But this brand image will be glorified only if the website is focused on the products and services that your company offers with your company logo, company mission and the focused brand message of your company clearly displayed on the website .

At Alrayes Web Solutions we keep all these factors in mind while deciding upon the web design and web development of a website.

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