Wednesday, 7 April 2010

How to get Good Organic Inbound Links For Your Website And Improve upon the SEO Of the Website?

Matt Cutts – The Head of Google's Webspam team has uploaded a video on his blog recently  discussing the effective techniques  to get organic inbound links to your website.

As discussed in the above video the best way to get inbound links to your website is as follows:

  1. Participate in discussions and answer questions or share your thoughts on a certain topic by giving details and links about your website.

  2. Do some original research and post it on your blog with all the details and information and  I am sure it will be linked by people who have benefitted from it and they will surely also share it with others.

  3. Sending out Newsletters.

  4. Participate in Social Media like and by linking back to your blog or website in every post updated on these social media accounts.

  5. Get a blog and keep updating it regularly. Daily if possible, with Google going real time with WordPress blogs you have  chance of having more no. Of pages in the Google index along with the inbound links.

  6. Have some tutorials on your blogs in the form of slides, videos or text which will help visitors to easily link back to your website or they can easily download.

  7. Offer  some free  service  or tools which can be of help to the visitors. For e.g

  8. The most simple  thing which is many times not given importance to by the web developers –  Having a good site architecture. The best way is to have links to all the pages of your website from each and every page so the links are found easily.

  9. Make good videos to which people would like to link. If you do not have enough server resources to host videos on your server then you can use third party sites like or etc.

Links obtained as per the above methods are :

  1. Considered to be more valuable

  2. Give a more long term benefit

  3. Ethical

  4. Organic and hence boost the SEO of the site.

Alrayes had a post on the similar topic some time ago – Please refer the following  link

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