Sunday, 25 April 2010

How to speed load times Part 2

Use Images sensibly and don't go overboard

Images are very important to the look of you website. You should decide what are most important images that you need. Use few most important images, The more images means slower the website. So choose wisely and don't go overboard.

IMG Height & Width Tags

If you specify your height and width in your code for images, the page will load faster, leaving space for the images to fill in as they complete. If you do not specify width and height, browser slows down until image if fully rendered. So go and use this tags, it does not take long.

Images Expires headers

If you use "image expires" in your header, then browsers will cache the images until a specified date, speeding your load times for returning visitors.

Optimize your images for the web

If you don't know how, use professional designers that will help you optimize images that can be used for the web. There are tons of free tools available online to optimize your image.  You can choose JPEGs, GIFs or even PNGs.

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