Wednesday, 7 April 2010

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We recently had a chat with Abdul MD of e-commerce site for online ladies clothing and accessories, about the importance of retailing online, staying competitive, and factors to consider in setting up an online business.

Being a start-up business your self, how was the decision made to start an online retail site rather then a high street store?

Firstly the Internet market is booming and is on the rise everyday, which makes it a key factor to have an online business in addition to a store on a high street.  Being a start-up business and taking into consideration costs of running a shop, we decided to just have an online store to start of with. This helps budgeting and managing costs.

How did you promote and build awareness of your new e-business when you first started?

Being only an e-business, getting our marketing right from the beginning was essential. We started off marketing via printing leaflets, radio adverts and also local television commercials. We then focused on achieving high results on search engines, by consulting with our SEO consultant at Alrayes Web Solutions, which talked us through choosing the correct and most effective keywords. While our generic SEO was being done, to drive traffic to our site we started Google Ad words, again managed by Alrayes, which started getting us good results from the beginning. This was a more efficient and effective way of creating awareness.
What do you think is the most important factor in setting up an online store?

Choosing the right web company that can meet all of your business requirements is very essential. You need to find a friendly company that will not just design the site for you, but support you and guide you throughout the process and provides after support.
Having a user friendly website which is easily accessible and easy for our customers to walk their way through is always a plus point, as you don’t want to complicate the customers at any process. Another important aim is also to drive good traffic to your site, which then convert into sales, which can easily be done by choosing a well-known company from the beginning.

What are the keys factors in choosing the right payment Gateway?

We believe that the main three main factors in choosing the right payment gateway to handle your payments are.

1. The costs involved per transaction.
2. Service provided by the payment gateway.
3. The Security in place to give customers peace of mind.

Your customers leave you a valued and a highly recommended feedback, what is the secret behind your success?

The secret is to provide quality products that meet customer’s requirements.  In addition to this, providing a smooth and hassle free shopping experience, which is important to us for repeat business.

By having an online store only, how do you keep up with your customer’s demands?

Having an online store is no different to any other business. Customer’s demands always keep changing and its essential in any business to keep up with the customers. We regularly take customers feedback, and monitor statistics, which gives us a good indication of what to implement and what not to.

Recently we have noticed an increase in your social networking profiles, how important is networking in an online business?

Social Networking is very important, as all of our customers are online, and them being online our website is just a click away.  Social working also allows customers to communicate with each other and share their experiences of shopping on our website. Its also easy to promote new offers and build awareness on social profiles.

What are the top 3 tips, you would give someone setting up an online e-commerce solution?

1. Carefully choose a company that is friendly, knowledgeable and offers a good customer service to create and market your website.
2. Provide quality products at quality rates, which your customer’s want, as the online industry is very competitive.
3. Provide the very best customer service as this is essential for the success of any business.


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