Sunday, 4 April 2010

Quick SEO Basics for your website

Some Quick Basic Tips on SEO

  • Use lowercase for all URLs, including file names and folder names.

  • Do not  use of any special characters in your URLs, crawler will have problem to index your website

  • Use unique Titles and Descriptions on each page and ensure those tags reflect the actual content of the page. This is lot of work, but trust us, its worth. This will help you avoid Internal Duplicate Content Penalty

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools with an XML Sitemap to ensure all of your pages you want indexed gets indexed.

  • Use a valid DTD or XML statement. This simple thing seems to be forgotten by many webmaster.

  • Make use of robots.txt to allow crawlers/robots to index content that you want to index.

  • Use the proper character set meta tag. Again very simple step, but often ignored.

  • Most important Tip: Focus on original content, Become an expert in your niche.

  • Reliable Web Hosting so that your downtime is minimal. Often robots/crawlers give up if your host is slow to respond.

  • Give extra time to  your internal linking.

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  1. Titles are used by the search engines to both rank and display pages. Leveraging your page titles will increase your rankings and search engine traffic. On the other hand, your description meta tag should describe your page in one or two sentences, and of course include your keywords. Like the title, your descriptions also appears on the search engine results pages and as searchers often click links after reading the description, your page description should obviously be as compelling as possible.