Saturday, 10 April 2010

Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphone's

Twitter just announced that RIM has launched its official BlackBerry Twitter app.
Blackberry Smart Phone


The app. Can be downloaded from

The features and the system requirements are as follows:


With Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones, it only takes a moment to do the things you
love on Twitter.

• Get your Direct Messages as soon as they arrive

• Reply to tweets, re-tweet and send Direct Messages

• Post a link from your BlackBerry® Browser

• Take a funny picture and upload it

• Share your thoughts or join a conversation

System Requirements:

To use Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones, you will need the following:

• 64MB BlackBerry smartphone

• 750KB of available BlackBerry smartphone memory

• BlackBerry® Device Software Version 4.5 or later

Detailed information on this topic is available on the Twitter Mobile Blog -

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