Thursday, 20 May 2010

Accept Card Payments On Your Website

The way we live now days is that most of our daily necessities can all be purchased and done online, from buying our daily groceries, shopping at a high street store, booking a doctors appointment, and even ordering flowers for our partners.

You as a business and a website owner, want to to ensure that your customers can pay for your products or services online easily and hassle free.  There are many payment services such as PayPal and Google Checkout that you can choose from, all in there own rights have pros and cons. So which is the best payment solution for your business?

Well it all varies on what type of business your running, and more on what your looking for in a payment gateway. Below are some points you could take into consideration when choosing a payment gateway:

Cost Involved - Work out the costs involved with each provider, along with transection fees, some provides charge a monthly fee, some charge an annual fee, and at times there is also a minimum spend limit and some require a security deposit. Before signing up, its good to know what are the full costs involved.

Payment - You could ask your provider, if the payments get transferred to your bank account or does it store up on a virtual  account which then you have to withdraw.  Also how long do they hold the payment for, or is it an instant transfer.

Extra Services - With some payment gateways you can also get a virtual terminal which will let you take payments by entering details on a web based browser, which is great for sales over the phone, email, and fax.  Depending on your business you might also require a chip and pin machine, ask your provider if they have a full solution for web and a high street shop.

So when choosing a payment gateway solution, you will need to decide which one suites your website and business model the best. Below are some of the payment gateways i have used, and would recommend.

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