Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Different Aspects Of Internet Marketing Or Web Marketing

Once your website is ready with all the necessary features of web design and development, security, content , usability etc. and if the website also has an edge over the competitor’s website , then the next step is to market the website online effectively.

If your website does not have a good web presence then the website is said to be on the invisible web. If that is the case then the main purpose of having a website is defeated.

Internet marketing is a very wide term with many branches of web marketing available online. Some are listed below:
1. Search Engine Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization - SEO
• Pay Per Click (Paid Listings) – PPC

2. On line Advertising
• Advertisement Networks
• Affiliates

3. Web Directories And Listings
• Free Listings
• Paid Listings
• Portals
• Reviews
• Lead Generation

4. Email Marketing
• Designing and Developing Good Email content and signature
• Collecting Mailing Lists
• Deploying
• Measuring the ROI

5. Social Media Marketing
• Social Media Site Networks - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube , etc.
• Blogging
• Sharing content – RSS, Share Links, etc.

6. Public Relations - PR
• Press Releases (Free or Paid)
• Articles
• White Paper Submissions

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