Sunday, 23 May 2010

Few Pointers from SMX London

As Many of you are aware there was Search Marketing Expo in London

Here are few things that will be helpful to you

1)20 to 40% of the search queries on Google are local.

2) Video is very important. About 68% retailers use it on their website.

3) Ranking can be achieved by few handful good links.

4) Links from university and government sites aren't actually  better, they just provide more trust.

5) 301 redirects are less useful across domains than they once were - Google is removing relevancy, so you're better off using the canonical tag instead of  301 for external redirects.

6) People spend 3x more time on Facebook than on Google. So do use facebook PPC.

7) Video will  get higher clickthrough rates. So use them, wisely.

8 ) News can be a quick  way of getting on to page one of Google SERPs for competitive keywords.

9) To get government or edu links give out discount to their staff and student.

10) It's easier to rank home pages for competitive keywords, so use homepage for your most important target keywords if possible.

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