Sunday, 23 May 2010

How To Make Your SEO Strategy Effective

Many of your potential customers today find  the details about your company and products through the search engines. If your company website is optimized for the search engines and your website is ranking high for the relevant keywords then does your company have a strategy and a plan to make the maximum ROI from this .

All the companies have an offline marketing plan for the traditional methods of marketing but when it comes to online marketing and especially SEO which is one of the aspects of search engine marketing, the whole onus is put on the SEO company and it is assumed that just because my website ranks high the whole job is done.

I would say that is where the actual job of marketing starts.  The basic elements of marketing online or offline remain the same but the expectations of potential customers online are little different.

A few points to keep in mind especially if your site is getting the targeted visitors and is ranking high for the major keywords targeted :

  • Online potential customers expect more support online and expect to get a reply ASAP after they send an online inquiry or fill up the form available on the site.

  • Tweak the website to make it more user-friendly.

  • Do a SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) Analysis of the website

  • Have Social Media plan if the links to the social media profiles are available on the website.

  • See that the posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms are in sync with the culture and mission of the company.

  • All the emails have a proper email signature specifying all company contact details. Especially if you have a auto responder sent to every visitor filling the form on the website.

  • See that the in house marketing team have the knowledge of the analytical tool used to collect data of the website search patterns. Usually which is Google Analytics.

The moment any customer enters a mall or any place where the products and services are displayed for sale the main task of the floor manager is to see are the customers being served.

Every visitor  to your website is a potential customer so does your website serve every visitor in offering the information or services  for which he has come  looking for in a user friendly way?

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