Thursday, 6 May 2010

Make Money with Email Marketing

Email Marketing is great way to generate sales. To use this effectively you need a list. How to build a list is different topic altogether. But lets say you have great list, and you are ready for email marketing. Here are some tips you can use.

1) Don't overwhelm readers with too many offers or deals. Just focus on one or two.

2) Keep the email in text, i.e don't use html emails, many email users do not have html versions on.

3) Dont use images in the email message. Many people block the images to prevent hacking.

4) After your final edit, please make sure your emails are error-free otherwise it just makes you look bad. Image-damaging spelling mistakes and grammar/typos are very easily avoided, so make sure you do.

5) Make sure you have links in your email and make sure you ask them to take action by clicking on those links.

6) Always have your email addressed to the first name of the prospect, this gives you personal touch

7) Use the language of a friend rather than sales pitch.

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