Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Buying Cycle Psychology And Your Website

The whole buying cycle can be divided into the following steps to analyze the effectiveness of any marketing strategy online or offline .This analysis is also useful in doing a SWOT analysis of your site to point out the loop holes of the whole marketing process.

1.     Awareness

2.     Interest

3.     Consideration

4.     Purchase

5.     Retention & Repeat sales

6.     Recommendation of your company and product

1. First and foremost is your marketing strategy creating an awareness about your products and the details of your company . If this is to co-relate to online marketing then is your website making the visitors aware of the products and services offered by you in a user-friendly way and in the mininmum no. of clicks to other pages.

Preferably the home page itself should make the visitor aware of all the products and services offered by the company at a glance as that only would create an interest in the visitor to browse other pages for more information.

2. If the home page has achieved this objective of making the visitor aware and also has created the interest in him/her to know more about the company and the products then I should say well begun is half done (well in a positive way ofcourse ).

Only when the visitor is interested in the products displayed on your website, as mentioned earlier he will browse other pages thereby reducing the bounce rate considerably.

3. When the person has gathered information from your website only then he will start considering whether to buy or not to buy from your website. As all the visitors or searchers have options so this stage is the acid test for your website in terms of how competitive is the website. If the visitor goes to the contact page and calls you or fills up the form  for more information  then your website passes that test.

If not then tweak the website to make it more user-friendly and see that all the information is available with the minimum possible noise on the page. The focus has to be content and products with the most minimalistic but impressive design – Less is more applies aptly here.

4. The next stage is more crucial as the deal is made or not made depends on your sales staff on how efficiently, effectively and quickly the inquiry was handled. If it is an online purchase – an ecommerce transaction then it all depends how effective is your store front, payment method and display of options for payments and products on the website.

5. Once the purchase is made and the whole buying experience of the visitor has been enriching and great  and he feels he was able to get a good deal in the whole process the casual visitor (a potential customer) who reached your site maybe via a search engine, directory, reference link or some site or through any source becomes your customer and may add the site to favorites or note down the URL for further reference which sows the seeds for a  repeat sale.

6. Last but not the least , if the buying cycle is simple and efficient  and if the visitor had a great user experience with a good bargain on the website it results in recommendations for your company which generates a good word of mouth and thereby more sales – needless to say right ?

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