Saturday, 12 June 2010

10 Steps for taking your business online

  1. Register Name– It’s a good idea to capture your domain name related you’re your business and services, before someone else takes them.

  2. Web Design – speak to your web designer to design your website, ensure your design is unique, simple and user friendly.

  3. Content for website – write good unique content for the website, and gather all the information you would like to add to your site (text, images…etc)

  4. Develop your website – after the design phase, start the development with your website developer, ensuring all the features developed to suite your business needs.

  5. Social Networking Accounts – setup accounts with Social networking accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and other networking profiles that you prefer.

  6. Going Live –test your website make sure everything is working as expected, and make your site live. Now you can start promoting your website

  7. Submit to Search Engines –submit your website to major search engines, and related directories.

  8. Local Business Listing –register your business on Google, Bing, & Yahoo local listings, to ensure your site can be  found in local search results.

  9. SEO –Start search engine optimisation campaign on your site.

  10. Results –track your site results, see what’s working and not, and make necessary changes. You can use Google Analytics to track your web 

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