Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Action Plan – If The Tweets and Your Twitter Account Do Not Show Up In Twitter Search


Nearly all the netizens have a twitter account nowadays from a business perspective or for a personal/social interaction on the web. Twitter as we all  know is a conversational platform which is real time and the posts are called tweets. Each tweet has a maximum limit of 140 characters hence it is a microblogging social media platform.

Twitter  has a twitter search platform http://search.twitter.com/also where tweets and twitter accounts are indexed and can be searched with relevant or specific queries.

Google recently has come with many search options and Updates – which show Real Time Search Results from various social media sites and twitter is one of them. It is possible for any tweet to show in the real time search results i.e updates of Google as a result of any targeted or relevant query only if your twitter account and tweets show in twitter search.

So, it is essential to check if your twitter account is getting listed in the search results when you key in your twitter account name  as the query on http://search.twitter.com/if  the answer is no then be assured that none of your tweets will be visible on the Google real time search results page and you are losing out on the true purpose of having a twitter account and your reach is limited to only the number followers the account has as the tweet will be only be read by them.

The million dollar question is –

Q . What is the course of action to be taken when such a crisis filled situation arises?


·       Login to http://help.twitter.com/requests/newor http://bit.ly/twicket

·       Raise a support ticket by filling in the necessary details.

·       Post a tweet to @delbius (leads the Twitter's Trust and Safety team) mentioning that the account does not show up in search

·       Follow the instructions in the reply by @delbius

·       It usually takes about 24 hours before  the problem is resolved. If the problem persist update the ticket.

We had this problem and the problem was solved in less than 24 hrs. Thanks to the Twitter Team.

Helpful Reading on Twitter Search Best Practices - http://help.twitter.com/forums/10713/entries/42646

Happy Tweeting!

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