Thursday, 17 June 2010

Block Caching vs. Page Caching on Magento

A common question we have is, “How does LightSpeed and Speed Booster differ and how do they compare to Magento Caching and AITOC Magento Booster?” The biggest difference is block caching vs. page caching.

Magento uses block caching to reduce page load time. When a page is requested from the server, Magento knows which blocks make up each page, and requests those cached blocks rather than calling the database. AITOC uses a very similar method, but also compresses CSS and JavaScript.  

Tiny Brick Speed Booster also uses block caching for Magento. Speed Booster automatically caches the most frequently used elements of your site, and configures them properly for caching. When you make changes to categories, products, CMS pages and CMS blocks individually, Speed Booster will recognize the individual changes specific to you and automatically reset the cache—for you.

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Matt Cannon Director of Marketing at Derlorum Commerce

(Guest on Alrayes Blog)

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