Monday, 21 June 2010

Choosing Joomla Open Source Platform for your business

This week we will be studying Joomla, and how Joomla could benefit your business, and when to use this flexible open source CMS platform for your business.

In the past we have mentioned about “Joomla” an award winning Content Management System, and who uses this CMS system, but what exactly is Joomla.

What is Joomla

“Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available”. (Joomla Website)

Joomla is great system for anyone interested in having a content managed website, where one can login to the admin and basically manage any aspect of the site, from text, images, banners and much more. Joomla has a huge list of extensions that you could add into your website to customise the site into what you’re looking to achieve. There is basically an extension for everything and anything, videos, calendars, audios, and the list is endless.

You can test the Joomla platform by clicking on the demo link below:

Reasons to use Joomla and why?

There are many reasons for one to choose Joomla as their website platform. If you’re looking for a website that you want to have full control of, and want to manage ALL  the aspects of the site, with lots of features, and without any coding knowledge, then yes Joomla is the solution for you. The platform’s structure and appearance is extremely user friendly, easy to use, and you could be managing your own site within minutes.

Time- Joomla can also save you time and also money, once the developers have built the site for you, you can go in and change things around at your own convenience, rather than asking a professional designer or developer to change the contents of your site (which could cost), you have the tools at you figure tips.

Extensions- One of the main reasons to use Joomla i would says for its plugins, the open source platform has over 3500 plugins and extensions which you can use to customise your site, by adding features such as Forums, Blogs, Galleries, Audio, Video’s and much much more. (I will cover our best Joomla extensions in another post)

Templates- Joomla also has plenty of ready made templates, free and payable ones that you can download and install within minutes, if cost is a factor in your project, you can save on the designing cost, by downloading a Joomla readymade template, and giving it to a developer to code up and install for you.

Community– Joomla has a very strong active community to which you can tap into and ask more or less any question, and you will find an answer in a short time. Most extensions also come with support which is great, if you need any help with the extensions that you have downloaded.

So if you’re the person or business that needs to update their site regularly and want the flexibility to do this easily without any hassle, at your own convince, then you need Joomla.

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