Tuesday, 22 June 2010

How To Make Most Of Twitter For Your Business Growth


Twitter is the most popular and reliable social networking website. It has become a rage worldwide as millions of people can stay connected with your friends round the world. This has made Twitter a potential source to take your business far on the road to success. It is sure to boost the traffic to the website and in turn business and profits. Here are some of the tips and tricks to make most of Twitter as business generating tool:

  • Don’t spam: twitter is a reliable tool and to make most of it there is one general formula, ‘Never Spam’. Don’t keep posting the product offers or the affiliate links throughout the day. This will bother your followers and disinterest them.

  • Make your profile carefully: profile is the mirror of your business thus, it is important to be very careful while making your profile. Choose the username and profile picture very carefully. Give the correct information to grab the attention of the followers. Give your website link as it counts as a backlinks which helps in the search engine optimization.

  • Give out your Twitter links at as many places as possible: to make most of this social networking tool it is important to give your Twitter account at as many places as possible. Post t on your website, your signature and at forums.

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