Tuesday, 22 June 2010

How To Make Your Joomla Site SEO Friendly

A lot is written about SEO and Joomla on the web and one can easily find a lot of content and resources on the search engines for optimizing a site using Joomla as a CMS (Content Management System).

But  this week the Alrayes blog is dedicated to Joomla so not mentioning about SEO for Joomla is like missing out the salt from the cuisine.

SEO as we all know is about optimizing your site so that it ranks high for the targeted keywords. SEO is no magic a very logical approach and an understanding of the search engine algorithms is needed to achieve those targeted results and rankings. But when you have to optimize a site, which uses a CMS, the SEO task also involves the understanding of the features of the CMS (In this case Joomla) so the site can be made SEO friendly.

Like optimizing any other static, dynamic or C

MS based site the preliminary task of SEO and the approach remains the same in case of Joomla also. This can be in short summarized as mentioned in the list below:

·       Keyword Research 

·       Having Titles with targeted keywords

·       Content Rich Site

·       Suitable H1 , H2…. Header Tags

·       Optimizing Images

·       Meta Tags

·       Navigation Structure

·       Internal And External Links

·       SEO Friendly URLs

·       XML Sitemaps

In order to make your Joomla site SEO Friendly the first step is to install the SEF (Search Engine Friendly) Component for Joomla. The next step is to install the SEF patch for Joomla.

(The step by step procedure  along with the changes to be made in the .htaccess file is mentioned in the Little Joomla SEO Book. It can be downloaded from the  link  below:


Joomla also has a sitemap component which has to be configured to generate the XML  sitemap which is in a format that can be submitted to Google Webmaster Tools easily.

 Now, the main task is to make each page SEO friendly for the targeted keywords for that page. This can be a very time consuming task if this is done after the full site is ready.

Hence, ideally the SEO process for any Joomla site should start from the very begining. As every page should have the relevant, unique content and keyword rich  title, keyword, description and  header tags.

For optimizing the images the image names  and the Alt. text (The text displayed when you place the cursor on it) should also be keyword rich . 

When   Joomla is installed, it sets up a default robots.txt file. The Robots.txt file is in the root directory of the server and instructs search engine robots which files and folders they have permission to access. The standard robots.txt file that Joomla comes with disallows the robots to access or index any content in the images folder. To solve this issue, simply edit the robots.txt file and remove the following line:

 Disallow: /images/ 

And the default path of the images folder also can be changed.

 Currently search engines are quite capable of crawling and indexing content from dynamic and CMS based websites. At times the search engine bots might take some time to index  the content. But if the XML sitemap is having the list of SEO friendly URLs then you have taken care of  this issue also.

As you can see in the following example:

www.pharmasuppliers.net is a Joomla based website but by just keeping in mind the above SEO friendly features of Joomla the targeted  Google page1 rankings  have been achieved for the following keywords on www.google.com.

·       pharma suppliers

·       pharma machinery portal

·       microbiology equipments

·       pharmaceutical machinery exporters

·       biotech instruments

·       microbiology equipments and apparatus

·       b2b portals in pharmaceuticals

·       tablet and syrup making machines

·       buy and sell pharma machinery online

·       b2b pharma portal

·       tablet coating materials

·       blister powder packaging machines

(This portal has page 1 rankings for majority of the products sold by them online (more that 100) - The list can be given on demand.)

Hence, we can see that Joomla is SEO friendly. If you have a Joomla site, which needs to be optimized, you can contact us via our SEO inquiry form at: http://www.alrayeswebsolutions.com/seo-inquiry.php


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  7. Joomla has some built in SEO settings and options to become search engine friendly .