Friday, 25 June 2010

Joomla Offer


Most of this week we have been mentioning about Joomla platform, it was only best to offer our readers a special Joomla Offer to end the week with.

Our designers will design you a fresh Joomla site from scratch on a blank canvas, and our developers will integrate the layout and develop the open source CMS platform.

Joomla has plenty of default features, which you could benefit, form, below are few of the default features that come in Joomla.

  • User Management:you can create users for your website for both admin and also the front end of the website, and assign permissions to the users.

  • Media Manager:Manage all of your images, audios and video files in one area.

  • Banner Management:upload banners adverts into your Joomla template, with this tool you can also track how many hits and impressions the banner has had.

  • Content Management:the main Joomla feature, which allows users to manage their website text, in a user friendly editor.

  • Polls:create surveys on your website, and track the results

  • Link Management:a tool to create a “useful link” page on your site, it allows user to easily add a link and a name.

  • Contact Management: create a contact page, for the company, or each individual or even for each department. The contact management tool in Joomla will allow you to create that easily.

  • RSS:with Joomla RSS (Really Simple Syndication) comes as default, you can allow your visitors to subscribe to our site’s RSS.


Along with the above default Joomla features, we are also offering a free. domain and one year Free Hosting.

Special Offer: Joomla Design & Development £650 (Offer ends 30th July)

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