Monday, 14 June 2010

Magento eCommerce Solution For Your Business

Over the past few months we have had a recent increase in Magento e-commerce solutions requirements, and there’s a big hype in the e-commerce world about new and existing ecommerce sites using Magento platforms.

So what is Magento? 

In simple terms Magento is THE platform to consider if you are looking to setup a premium online e-commerce business. The platform provides great flexibility and freedom for business, and comes with a huge library full of extensions that can easily be installed to suite your requirements. Best of all you can install this open source platform for free by using the Community Editionor upgrade to the Enterprise Edition, which I would recommend for the large e-commerce sites.

You can try out the Magento Platform using their demo site at:


Why Should I use Magento?

This is what I get asked all the time as a project manager.

There are many reasons to use Magento for your e-commerce business, its powerful, customisable to suite your business, and easy to use for any business owner, its a platform that will grow with your business.



One of the main factors in choosing Magento would be for its features. It has the most amazing features that come as default, which would benefit any online business, some of its features are:

·       Site Management

·       Marketing promotions tools

·       Catalog Management

·       Customer Service

·       Analytics and reporting

·       Shopping Cart

·       And much much more


To view the full list of Magento features click here.

You can also customise your platform with many extensions and plugins that can be downloaded for free or by paying a small fee. Couple of months back we posted an article about Top 10  Ecommerce Plugin, which lists our top plugins.


API- Integration

The other factor in choosing Magento would be, if you were looking for your e-commerce site to integrate with your existing application or program, such as an accountancy program that you may run for your business.

You can get Magento to integrate with many business applications, which will give you that extra control in managing your online business, and id also say, would also save you time.



If your looking for a one stop e-commerce solution for your business, with everything under one roof, and the capability for growth. Magento E-commerce platform is the solution for your business.

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