Tuesday, 15 June 2010

SEO And Magento – How SEO Friendly Is Magento

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform as explained on our previous blogpost  Magento eCommerce Solution For Your Business

The most valuable question to ask after you have decided to select Magento as the open source platform for your next eCommerce site :

Is Magento SEO friendly ? The answer is yes it is by far the most SEO friendly platform for eCommerce and shopping carts.


It enables the site to become SEO friendly as per the following features

·  Basic technical optimization

·  General Configuration

·  WWW vs non-WWW

·  Header Settings

·  CMS Pages

·  Category optimization

·  Products optimization

·  Magento Template Optimization

·  Optimized Blank Template

·  Headings

·  Clean up your code

·  Aim for speed

·  Advanced Magento SEO and Duplicate Content

·  Noindex, follow for non-content pages

·  Nofollowing unnecessary links

·  Canonical URLs

·  XML Sitemaps

All these aspects are explained in detail on the following link:



  1. yes Bharti
    Magento also has some great SEO extensions and plugins, but the deafult option is also great, you can add keywords and meta tags, and much more for each and every product as-well.

  2. Yes, as mentioned on the link given above Magento gives you the ability to add the name of categories to path for product URL's.
    Because Magento doesn't support this functionality very well - it creates duplicate content issues - it is a very good idea to disable this. To do this, go to System => Configuration => Catalog => Search Engine Optimization and set "Use categories path for product URL's to "no". Then  set the details for each category.

  3. Magento is SEO friendly on the face of it. However if you are going to launch SEO optimized and user friendly online shop with Magento it can become a real problem. Many URLs in Magento have content duplicates, some URLs are long and useless, like http://store.com/tag/product/list/tagId/123/
    There are pretty much good SEO solutions for Magento. We have used to implement a couple of them and the results were impressive. At least 2 of them I can recommend to the community. They are SEO Suite Enterprise Magento Extension and Extended Sitemap Magento Extension

  4. How to Create an Extension with its own Layout?

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  6. One of the most ordinary SEO issues with Magento is energetic filter pages being indexed by search engines. These filter pages are eventually copy versions of category pages (with different products) with a dynamic query string emotionally involved to the end of the URL.

  7. SEO services are generally preferred by businesses to increase their SERP rankings.Even they can also help with finding other business projects.

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